About Us

Handmade by our finest artisans, Qouturre genuine leather and associated material’s products have been designed to be your long-standing companions. The top-notch finishes of Qouturre’s collection justify the seal of quality by a truly enlivened experience. Besides their diversifying functionalities, these products add a succinct touch of elegance and class to your living domain. Our specially crafted leather products are the embodiment of understated elegance, made from the top-quality leather in eminently practical designs to couple day to day usage with sophisticated class.

Qouturre’s genuine leather goods are customised especially with a unique touch and keeping luxury in heart & mind, with years of experience of craftsmanship. To bring affordable luxury products to everyone’s reach is the aim, Qouturre wants to stand out in the luxury segment market.

Qouturre desires to open the Indian doors of an affordable luxury brand to different countries and to intensify the voice of India abroad – the objective is to create an increased pool of expertise and competence. It is the association between tradition and modernity, expertise and creativity, history and innovation. Indian luxury is the liberality of the world; it owes its success to a laudable pool of brilliance.

Our products have a fine parity between historic devise and modernity, thus fabricating the ideal representation of modern luxury. The divine mission of Qouturre is to bring affordable luxury to the global markets with the pool of distinct varieties and preferred choices for people. Qouturre depicts an Indian Creative craftsmanship and aims to embolden affordable luxury cultural segments globally.

Revenue Sharing

We share a percentage of net profits with Nidhi Foundation and Shakshi NGO